Oak doweling

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We make a wide range of diameters of doweling the timber used is kiln dried .The doweling rod is extremely accurate as we use a purpose built machine.The cutter block rotates around the wood to produce perfectly round dowels.I do not sand the dowels as this maintains the accuracy of the dowels as timber can vary in density so varying the diameter slightly.We keep a large stock of Oak dowels in various diameters .The dowels are commonly used by Joiners and cabinet makers to peg joints,if you can think of use they have been used for it gun rods,knitting machines,arrows,kites,cakes pillars (Beech).The dowel is generally dispatched in 300mm lengths, for ease of posting via Royal Mail but can be supplied longer if required.Other species of timber can be made to order or even from your own supply of timber if required.

A range of diameter dowels

A range of diameter dowels turned by Phil Jones professional wood turner.

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Oak dowels

10 Oak Dowels  6mm x 300mm dowel £9.40

10 Oak Dowels  7mm x 300mm dowel £9.40

10 Oak Dowels  8mm x 300mm dowel £9.40

 10 Oak Dowels  9mm x 300mm dowel £9.40

10 Oak dowels 12mm x 300m  dowel £9.40

10 Oak dowels 12.7mm x 300mm   dowel £9.40

10 Oak dowels 15mm x 300mm  dowel £12.40

10 Oak  dowels  18mm x 300mm  dowel £14.00

Doweling for plate racks

Doweling can be used for plate racks in Oak and will be dowel sanded as well .The size generally used for plate rack doweling is 12.7mm by the time it has been sanded  twice it is approximately 12.2mm this varies on how dense the material is .It is preferable to drill the holes when you have the dowel so you can achieve the fit you require.

10 x sanding of  300mm  dowels £4.00


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Exotic dowels    

 We even stock a range of 6mm & 7mm exotic timbers such as Ebony, for dot making as inlays.The exotic doweling is usually sliced into very short lengths of two or three millimeters and used as an inlay on musical instruments or cabinets and is usually air dried.It is supplied in 75mm lengths.

6mm Ebony dowel

6mm x 75mm Ebony dowels

2 Ebony dowels  6mm x 75mm  dowel £5.00

2 Ebony dowels  7mm x 75mm  dowel £5.00



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