Wooden Apples and Pears


Ash Apple


Wooden Apples

The wooden apples that Phil makes are highly polished to reveal the natural beauty of the timber and are hard to resist picking up and admiring.The wooden apples may have bark inclusions or cracks on some timbers such as Box or Yew which Phil feels enhances the natural beauty of the apples and makes them more natural.The approximate size of the apples is 70mm diameter x 60mm high.  Unless stated otherwise the apples have a clear gloss finish to reveal the natural colours and beauty of the wood.Please note you will recieve an apple similar to the one pictured but being a natural product the grain does vary.

Oak apple £15 including UK delivery




Ash apple £15  including  UK delivery 




Box apple £15 including UK delivery

Cherry apple £15 including UK delivery

Yew apple


Yew apple  £15 including UK delivery 




Iroko  apple £15 including UK delivery

Spalted Beech apple Including UK delivery


Eaten spalted Beech apple



Spalted Eaten  Beech apple Including UK delivery




Burr Elm apple  Including UK delivery

Laburnum apple £15 including UK delivery

African Blackwood apple  £23 UK delivery only