Oak dowel

 Oak dowel

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The Oak dowel   can be sent through out the UK  and is a precision diameter, the cutter block rotates around the timber on a purpose made machine, so are perfectly round.The dowels are supplied in 300mm /12″ lengths,the ten pieces have a combined length of 3 meters/10ft They can be supplied in other lengths upon request .The dowels are turned in Kiln dried timber and are ideal for  the joinery trade or any use you can think of.
The small (6mm,7mm,8mm )diameter dowels can sometimes be bent  as they can bend after  turning .The  dowels are sent by second class post through out the UK.For companies which require a large quantity of dowel please contact me. 01296 747517

Oak dowels dowelling

Dowels made in a range of diameters and timbers



The  dowels are available in the following sizes.  7mm,8mm,9mm,12mm,12.7mm,15mm,18mm


18mm Oak dowel  18mm x 300mm 10 dowels

15mm Oak dowel 15mm x 300mm 10 dowels

12.7mm Oak dowel 12.7mm x 300mm 10 dowels

12.7mm Oak dowel 12.7mm sanded x 410mm  10 Plate rack dowels

12mm Oak dowel  12mm x 300mm 10 dowels

9mm Oak dowel  9mm x 300mm 10 dowels

8mm Oak dowel 8mm x 300mm 10 dowels

7mm Oak dowel 7mm x 300mm 10 dowels