Woodturning evening club

Woodturning exclusive evening club

            Welcome to this new and exciting venture for 2020 of an evening woodturning club limited to four people. The club will be spread over one month starting on the first Wednesday evening of the month. Phil Jones’s professional woodturner will teach how to turn a bowl over the month.

         This woodturning evening club is aimed at people who wish to learn bowl turning and who also have a lathe at home so that you can practice what has been taught over the preceding week. This will mean that Phil will be able to help you on the following week and help you correct any errors and problems should that be required.

        Phil has a wide range of woodturning experience and has now been turning full time in the woodturning trade since 1982. He teaches all ages, from teenagers to retired.

Acorn Woodturning bowl course folder

              The method we would use for bowl turning is very traditional, the only deviation being that we will use a chuck to hold the foot rather than using a jam chuck. It is the simplest method and there are many variations on how to make a bowl depending on the type of bowl being made. A good starting point though is to turn the simplest method possible.

           There would be a detailed handbook that would be handed out to each attendee to keep for future reference.

           Bottled water will be available at all times, but please feel free to bring your own refreshments! There are four makes of lathes, and it is a great opportunity to try different makes of lathes during the course.

          The benefits of the evening woodturning club are that you can learn in class and then practice at home. Help can then be offered in the proceeding club nights to correct errors. This will also be a chance to meet and make new like-minded friends.


              The cost of this four-week course is £180.00  per person. This can be paid in one lump sum or can be paid for by four post-dated cheques of £45 if you prefer to spread the cost.

             Payment for the course would not be expected until one week prior to the course starting date although it will be invoiced. The course will need to be fully subscribed before it can start. In the event that you have booked and are unable to attend for one/two of the week of the course payment will still be required.

To book a place on the course please email me directly at

phil@acornwoodturning.co.uk     or  call Phil: 07783 652687

What will be covered during the one month course

             Health and safety would be talked about and safety glasses and earplugs, dust masks would be provided for your personal safety. The start time will be at 7 pm on the first Wednesday of the month.

What would be covered each week?

 Week 1:  Grinding and sharpening freehand, we would work through Spindle turning tools and finally on to the bowl gouge. The reason that we start with spindle turning tools is that we start with easiest to sharpen and gradually work up in the complexity of moves required for grinding the various tools. There are four grinders so each person will have their own grinder to use. We would finally move on to how to stone the tools safely.

  • Parting tool,
  • Skew chisel,
  • Spindle roughing gouge,
  • Round nose scraper,
  • Shallow spindle gouge,
  • Bowl gouge,


  • Week 2: This evening would start with how we would mount the blank on the lathe and the reasons why. Phil would then demonstrate the correct stance and hold of the gouge and where you should be watching whilst turning. Once the blanks are mounted on the lathe we would practice all the cuts required for the outside of a bowl on several blanks.  The evening would conclude by talking about the chucking point.


  • Shear cuts on the edge of the blank.
  • Bevel rubbing cuts on the curve of the bowl.
  • Bevel rubbing cut for the foot of the bowl.
  • The evening concludes with talking about the chucking point.


  • Week 3: The third week would be practicing the cuts for dishing the interior bowl with a bowl gouge ground to a lady’s fingernail profile. Once you have all tried and have successfully tried the Bowl gouge Phil would then demonstrate the scrapper and how to use it and how to hold the tool. Usually, the best place for the scrapper is on the tool rack, that is not to say that I never scrape though.
  • Go over previous weeks lessons.
  • Bevel rubbing cuts for dishing the interior.


  • Week 4: The final week would comprise putting all of the previous week’s tuition into turning a small bowl in the correct sequence to turn and sand and finally polish the bowl.
  • Turn edge of the bowl.
  • Turning outside profile of the bowl.
  • Sand & polish exterior of the bowl.
  • Reverse bowl & dish.
  • Sand & polish

The lathes and equipment which are in the workshop are as follows.

  • Record Nova DVR lathe variable speed with an  Axminster precision chuck.
  • Poolewood lathe variable speed with an Axminster precision chuck.
  • Graduate lathe four-speed with a Toolpost Versa Chuck.
  • Union Jubilee four-speed with an Axminster precision chuck.
  • Pedestal grinder 10″ slow running.
  • Pedestal grinder 10″ slow running.
  • Creusen bench grinder 6″ slow running with CBN wheel.
  • Bench grinder fitted with fingernail profiler.
  • Microclene ambient air filter.
  • Axminster cyclonic dust extractor with a fully ducted system.
  • Various woodturning tools.
  • Slip stones & diamond dressers.
  • Abrasives & polish.
  • Woodturning  chisels & gouges

To book a place on the course please email me directly at

phil@acornwoodturning.co.uk     or  call Phil: 07783 652687