Wool Spinning spindles

Top Whorl Spindle

Top whorl spindles and bottom whorl spindles are used to hand spin yarn and are an ancient technology. Phil has used his skill to make well-made spindles which are well finished and are very tactile as well as practical to use.

 Bottom whorl spindle

Bottom whorl spinning spindle turned by Phil Jones professional woodturner


Bottom whorl spindle Ash with Sonokelling whorl £17 the UK delivery






Top Whorl spinning spindle turned by Phil Jones professional woodturner.



Top whorl spindle Ash spindle with Corian £17.00 the UK delivery only 

Russian Spindle

Russian spindles are a simple spindle which is hand turned and finished and buffed to a high polish.

Ash Russian Spinning spindle

Ash Russian spinning spindle turned by Phil Jones professional woodturner


Russian spindle in Ash polished with clear finish with UK delivery £14.00

Navajo Spindle

Navajo spindles are an example of a supported spindle and are commonly used by the Navajo and Pueblo Indian nations. The spinner sits on the floor or in a chair with the bottom part of the shaft resting on the ground and the top part on the thigh and the spindle is rolled up the thigh. After the spun yarn reaches arms length it is wound and stored onto the shaft just above the whorl. Using this spindle on a carpet or sitting it in a small bowl will help to keep it from sliding on the floor. 


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