Gavel & Blocks

Gavel & Blocks

Gavel & Blocks are an integral part of an orderly Masons meeting or Auction, committee meeting. They can be simply a Palm Gavel or as in this case a Gavel & Block , the picture below is a craftsman made and has seven turnings incorporated into the set, and is made of Oak and Walnut.

The block has three feet and a striker pad made of Walnut, the block is raised on the three feet to allow the sound  to flow, it is also dished underneath for the same reason.

They have been finished in a gloss finish so that they will not marr with handling.

Oak Gavel and Block hand turned by Phil Jones professional woodturner







1 Oak Gavel with handle £28.00 UK delivery only

1 Oak palm Gavel £20.00 UK delivery only


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