Testimonials for  Phil Jones professional Wood turner

Thank you very much for a most enjoyable,interesting and worth while day spent with you last week refreshing my out of practice wood turning skills.

Your structured programme was just right with it,s initial emphasis on health & safety,an important and confidence building step in becoming a competent turner.your explanations and demonstrations on sharpening tools gave me a solid understanding to the vital skill ,so necessary to achieve good and sustainable results.       

The practical wood turning demonstrations were excellent with lots of time given to me to hone my own skills on the lathe.It also enabled me to practice the use of different tools and variety of cuts needed to produce a nicely finished and proportioned work.

All in all a very productive day giving me the added confidence to work on my own and,hopefully to aspire to turn out pleasing and attractive wooden pieces. Thank you again for an excellent days tuition on wood turning.I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any one  whom wanted to learn  about the art & craft of wood turning.With very best wishes Col Rob Lucas ( past master “The Worshipful Company of Turners”)

I just wanted to say Thanks for the superb job,you done for me it will look fantastic when it is all painted.Mr J Devlin

Phil is an excellent craftsman who has tutored students to produce very high quality turned furniture designs… (he has) strength and passion (for) lathe work. He has good leadership qualities…a good attitude and ability…Christopher Hyde, Freeman, Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers.
Rycotewood Woodworking College

Just a quick note to say “Thank You” for stepping in when you did and retrieving the woodturning course, it was much appreciated! The feedback from students was that it was most enjoyable and they had learned a lot and found you to be very professional.Sandra, Rycotewood

Phillip quickly demonstrated an exceptional aptitude for the work, and having completed a wood turning course he became an invaluable asset to the company. It’s fair to say that within 2 or 3 years of joining, he was clearly the most versatile and skilled employee I had. He was always hardworking, honest and reliable and keen to learn new skills. It was inevitable that Phillip would one day want to work for himself and after several years in my employment, he left to set up his own company.
We continue to remain good friends often sub-contracting work to each other. I have no hesitation in recommending Phil.Mr B Wakling,

I just wanted to say you’re a star! Thank you so very much they’re perfect. We can now get on with decorating the hall. Mrs S Smith

Thank you for this beautiful piece of work! After more years than I want to admit, our tea caddy will be complete. Mrs K Skorza

I am writing on behalf of the parochial church council to thank you for the two oak candle sticks you recently made for us. The council think that you made an excellent job and are very grateful to you. Mr T Allen

I have heard nothing but praise for your craftsmanship and have no hesitation in recommending you to others looking for a skilled wood turner.Mr J Ford

Phil produces copy lathe or hand turning to detailed drawings as required and these items have been distributed world wide to very satisfied customers requiring repeat orders.J A Green & Sons Ltd

Sorry it has taken some time, but I just wanted to say that we were delighted with our replacement newel post, you so amazingly managed to turn from my rather naive trace. The staircase is now complete again, thanks to your skill and interpretation.Thank you again.Mr A Wallis

It’s quite amazing how crafts people see virgin material, isn’t it?  From a piece of rock, or wood; a twisted root, rusting metal: suddenly a shape emerges and you ‘have’ to work on it and fetch out its qualities and bring that image into focus.  It’s the same with me when I write.  Sometimes it’s a mere sensation that sets the mood for a poem or a short piece of prose.  An overheard snippet of conversation suggests a short story; a musical phrase you wake up with tells its own story which you must commit to paper.  And so it is with your apples.  You have the ability to see the beauty of bark and knots and to emphasize them in a way which brings complete realism to the finished piece.  I love that apple, Phil, and will treasure it.  It says more to me than a real fruit; I love to touch it and feel the strength of the wood and admire its colours and polish.  You’re a very clever man and have a wonderful eye for beauty.  We’re lucky; we’re surrounded by raw, natural materials and have the ability to revel in them and, without taking away their spirit or very nature, fashion them into art.Mrs L Lyons

I found Phil a patient and easy person, his skills are unquestioned and he made the day most enjoyable for me.Mrs L LyonsI left feeling the round skew was a friend not to be feared and a clear idea of tools to purchase to compliment my existing tools. Mr A Bain Phil gave an introductory lesson to my 12 year old daughter with me pesent at all times- This was part of a DT portfolio that she has put together for school.Phil pitched it perfectly with lots of practice on Redwood/Pine blocks getting the feel of the different gouges and cuts, before moving onto a bowl.He was excellent and it was most enjoyable. Mrs P Sheppard

This was an absolutely superb course- Phil is an excellent tutor, he explains carefully but allows the student freedom to experiment with structured assitance always at hand. I learned a huge amount in a short period from avery talented teacher. Could  not be bettered!! Mr C Murray