Jousting tips

Jousting tips are typically turned from Pine which is a softwood as the nature of the Jousting tips is that they are destroyed in each Jousting tournament so are a consumable item for Jousting companies and ideally will not be too robust in use for safety and as they are softwood they very often have knots. They are turned on a copy lathe so that they are consistent and economical to produce. The client usually further weakens the Jousting tips, by band sawing along the length of the tip two or three times, and also there are weakening cuts made along the length to try and limit the length of the splinters.I have not carried out this part of the manufacture of the replaceable Jousting tips at present but I am sure that could be accommodated if required.

The dowel where the tip fits in the main body of Jousting lance can be turned to suit your requirements in regards to the length and diameter as indeed can the whole Jousting tip. The Jousting tips are typically painted by the client to suit the Knight’s colours or they can be left in the natural state.