Pattern mould making

Pattern  Mould Making

Pattern  mould making can some times require turned wooden or MDF  components,from which Aluminum or Bronze components can be made.With the nature of these components there has to be in depth discussion prior to making the components to the customers requirements.

The following  items  were a very challenging   for an Architectural Designer  mould making project it  pushed the boundaries in many aspects.The finshed mould  in a grey finish was painted and completed by the customer with the puddle/kidney shape .The project is for Aluminum  casting and will be used   in house as a walk way and a stairs it will be clamped around a steel tube .Some of the vertebrae will have ribs for the hand rail and the puddle/kidney shape  will have the plate glass  of the walk way mounted to it.

 Pattern making mouldThe construction of the   mould making  blanks has been made with 18mm laminated  MDF this was the most suitable material in this instance.

Pattern making mouldThis is what the above mold was used to create, the mold above is what the glass  walkway sits upon.


I have made a variety of  pattern makers mold    incorporating wood turning over the years here are a few more items.Newel post pattern making mouldAbove a newel post with an off set base  which was to keep to the specified distances  between balusters but provide additional support at the base.Please note the  moulds are made from a variety of materials as they are only being used once as moulds to make a casting  and strength of the components  has not been a consideration.

Newel post pattern making mould the tulip shape will be carved to make petals

Above a Tulip shaped pattern making mould ,the tulip shape towards the top has been dished under neath  to match the outside profile to some degree.The customer will complete the mould by carving petals which will reveal the inner shape.Again this has been made with a combination of materials as matching the grain is irrelevant.

Pattern making mouldThe above balusters were Edwardian balusters which have been extended  in various places including the flutted  center.Once made into Aluminum or Bronze balusters the long straight portion can be cut down  to the length required.